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Short Film Course Coming Soon...

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Learn. To. Create.

A Filmmaking Course that teaches you practicle ways to actually get your short film made, not just theoretical filmmaking tips that you can't apply today. Let's get your film made.


Pre Production 

Finding the Concept​

Developing the Idea ​

Writing the Screenplay​

Editing out the Fluff​

Breaking down the Script​

Budgeting your Film​

Casting for Story​

Backstage tutorial (Casting)

Pre-shoot meetings​

How to find/pick locations​

Preparing Wardrobe​

Gathering and Organizing Props and Set Decorations​

Scheduling your Shoot​

Cast Call Sheets/Itinerary


Assembling your Crew​

Gear Prep​


Managing Shooting Schedule

Directing Actors ​

Cinematography for Story

Lighting your Film

Adapting on the fly 

Recording Audio ​

Managing Hair Makeup and Wardrobe

How to shoot a Scene | Virtual Shadow 

On Set Experience BTS Video 

Post Production 

File System Setup​

Creating Proxies ​

Setting Up the Project​

Syncing Audio ​

My Editing Process - Overview​

Selections Walkthrough

First Cut - Theory​

Structure Changes ​

Music in your film

Sound Design

Color Grading


Full Changing Tides Editing Breakdown Video​

Editing a Scene 1 Tutorial ​

Editing a Scene 2 Tutorial ​


Film Festival Submission Strategy ​

How to Use Film Freeway - Tutorial

Making a Website - Wix Tutorial

Getting your Film on IMDB

What to do with Festival Acceptances

Pre Release Online Marketing ​

Final Release 

Extras for Email List 

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